Email Capture Plugin in Netsuite

NetSuite has got an Email Capture Plugin that makes it easy to invoke records in NetSuite from an Email. e.g. if you want a customer to approve an order via email (Example Image Below)

When the customer replies “Approve” then the Order is approved.

This tool can be used to invoke any rule or record in NetSuite, so things like creating a lead / Phone Call / Task from an email to a certain email address, Approving timesheets, Invoices or Projects via email become simple.

It works by intercepting emails being sent into a specific NetSuite generated email address, and executes deployed NetSuite SuiteScript. Compared to other forms of integration options like Webservices, RESTLets, or Public Suitelets, NetSuite Email Capture is simple to setup and implement (so low cost) and it works with a range of different email clients.

But a word of caution – always think about the security implications this can have and what changes and workflows that could be started like this. Always consult a Netsuite Certified expert and data security architects before consider this as an option.

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