View your Netsuite Calendar in Office365 or Google Apps

We book events and meeting in Netsuite for CRM and customer activities but I want to see them togehter with my own bookings in my Office365 Calendar. This is possible to do with Netsuite and share the calendar!

NOTE: You can only view your Netsuite events in the Outlook365 or Google Apps Calendar. To edit the Netsuite Calendar events you have to login to your Netsuite account, but it helps getting a full view of my day directly from Outlook365.

Add it yourself:

  1. Login and go to ActivitiesCalendar Preferences
  2. Click the Preferences subtab.
  3. Check Private Calendar and copy the whole link that shows (unique ID so keep it safe).
  4. Click Save.

Then go to your Office365 Calendar

  1. Click Add Calendar -> From Internet
  2. Paste the link from Netsuite & name the calendar Netsuite


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